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What Anti-Gunners Truly Want

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January 1, 1970
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So to follow this, you may need to put on the good ol' tin foil hat and walk down the lane of hypothetical but all too real possibilities. What Anti-Gunners truly want is blood in the streets.We're not talking about Sally down at the Piggly Wiggly who thinks we need to have an open honest conversation about guns. We're talking about the people that are financially supporting with millions in cash or with votes in Congress, the movement to abolish gun rights for Americans.Why do they want blood in the streets then Mr. Author Guy? Because it would justify their arguments against gun owners. A recent report by the FBI showed that in 2016-2017 six armed citizens drew down on active shooters and were successful in stopping the mass shooter four times.Four out of six. Not bad odds for citizens. We know we're just a bunch of humble Marines but that equates to two-thirds of the time, an armed citizen used his/her gun to stop something bad from happening or continuing to happen.If armed citizens are successful 66% of the time in stopping a criminal, why would you not promote that?The answer is simple. They don't truly care about safety, they care about control. The people really pushing the gun control agenda don't want facts, they don't want reality, they want to vilify those six people.

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