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What Is Killing America?

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January 1, 1970
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It's someone else's fault...seems to be heard more and more these days. Maybe we're part of the problem by stating that this is a problem. This victim mentality that is infecting every facet of our lives is killing America and it has got to go! If you look around, it's quite easy to see that very few are left out of the fray when it comes to this type of behavior. We'll admit that we're more than likely guilty of it as well, although a specific instance of it fails to come to mind, we'll lump ourselves in to take ownership of it so that we can fix it.What's killing America is the victim mentality that has somehow crept into our everyday lives. Just look at the news, look in your workplace, look at schools...everywhere there seems to be someone claiming to be repressed, oppressed or taken advantage of. No doubt people are being repressed, oppressed or taken advantage of. That happens.Seems like everyone has an excuse and a reason to not be held responsible for their excuse. We all know what they say about excuses right?People that are legitimate victims are being overshadowed and their issues are underminedby all of those who decide/claim that their failures in life are someone else's fault."I'm powerless to fix my situation.""Someone did this to me.""It's John/Jane Doe's fault."Whatever your background, we don't believe Americans to be powerless whimpering babies. Chances are the things going wrong in your life are your fault. There is beauty in that, because if it's your fault, then you can fix it. You can be the captain of your own destiny. Some folks will get mad at us for calling it like we see it here. Ok. If the shoe fits, wear it, if it doesn't and you get mad about it, then it probably does fit. Make sense?There is nothing becoming or powerful about being a victim. Why people choose to portray themselves as weak or helpless we'll never understand.The victim mentality that people all over this country have adopted is killing America.So it's time to stop. Take back responsibility for the things that happen in your life and stop killing America.

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