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What's Going on in Syria?

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April 29, 2020
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While the news has focused elsewhere, many things are still happening around the world and in our current conflict areas. One such area happens to be Syria. The conflict there has recently seen an uptick in action, despite everything going on.In the last 24 hours, two strikes have happened- making three total strikes in the last week. Last week, the first of the most recent strikes killed nine people fighting on behalf of Syria. The Syrian government states the airstrike came from Israel. A Newsweek article referenced the Israeli Defense Minister stating they were going to force Iran out of Syria to protect its own border.The second airstrike killed seven and wounded four, also believed to be from Israeli airspace.The last major event happened earlier today, killing at least 40 civilians and wounding dozens. An explosive device was attached to an oil tanker and set off as it drove through a market. Several fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the scene. At this moment, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack.U.S. troops withdrew last October as Turkish forces moved in. Since then, there has been a lot of questions about Turkey's motives. There also seems to be some sort of love triangle happening between Turkey, Russia and parts of the Syrian government while Iran wants to have its piece as well. Then you have Israel who also wants Iran out.While the rest of the world is focused on COVID-19, turmoil in Syria seems to be increasing. With three attacks in the last week and a few others over the last few months, the request for "international assistance" may be requested once again.What will happen next? Will Israel continue to launch airstrikes to push Iran out? Will Russia suddenly show its face? Will we have to "relocate troops" soon?What do you think?

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