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Why Because We're Better, That's Why: AG Composites

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January 1, 1970
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It's not often you have a company come into an established field and cause a ruckus by shaking up the "old hats in the game." When you do, you can be guaranteed that the way they do business, from production to customer service, is entirely different than the way the "established" names run their operation. Everyone we'd like to introduce you to the innovative, science and technology inspired, customer-driven AG Composites.We're proud to get the word out about these guys. Hard working, veteran owned and operated, utilizing all the latest technology, AG Composites is a game changer in the realm of rifle stocks. Why are they a game changer? It's simple if you think about it. They make higher quality products and have a shorter turn around time than their competitors. So you, the shooter, can get to doing what you love most, shooting.These composite stocks are impervious to weather and other environmental conditions. They perform as advertised every single time. Gone are the days of old when a solid wooden stock was the gold standard. Technology and refined processes have made the composite stocks that AG Composites delivers, the platinum standard. Engineered and refined by a Naval Academy aerospace engineer and Marine veteran, these stocks will perform the same in twenty years as they do today. Durable, strong, reliable, what more could you ask for?What is truly inspiring about AG Composites is that these men, two brothers, one an Army Infantry officer and the other a Marine Corps officer, came from humble middle-class beginnings, but with their knowledge and work ethic, they are revolutionizing the way stocks are built and giving companies that have been around for twenty years and up fits.

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