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Will It Be War?

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January 1, 1970
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The situation between Iran and Israel definitely has had its tense moments, especially this week. The two nations have not been agreeable to one another since the creation of the state of Israel. In fact, as soon as Israel was created it was plunged into war with its neighbors.However, recent developments have made the Middle East a strange place. Saudi Arabia and Jordan and several smaller Arab nations are U.S. allies. Saudi Arabia is being attacked by proxies of Iran and is no fan of their actions.So will it be war? What will the war look like? Will the other nations under siege by Iranian proxies join in with Israel? Doubtful. Will the U.S. join in and ask of its allies to do the same? With how crazy 2018 has been so far, we don't even want to begin to play that guessing game.The script on how the world should be working has been thrown completely out of the window as tensions escalate in the Middle East and U.S. forces still heavily involved in both Iraq, Afghanistan and even Syria.While we hope cooler heads prevail and the voice of reason, this conflict seems to be almost inevitable. The United States can only ask Israel to be lenient so much as they endure attacks from Iran and Hezbollah on an almost constant basis.Will it be the war that has been a long time coming? Will the United States step in to stop the conflict? Will Saudi Arabia go to war with Iran? Stay tuned daily for the answers because any sort of strategic planning we thought would pan out, has long since been gone and we're pretty sure everyone is just winging it now.The problem for Iran is, if they continue to push, Israel will probably mess them up like nobodies business. the IDF does not mess around.

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