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Woman Tries to Hire a Hitman, Ends Up with an Undercover Cop

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November 7, 2016
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Let's be honest. Craigslist probably wasn't the greatest place to look for a hitman to get rid of your husband.When this young woman decided she'd plot to get her husband killed and walk away with his money, she didn't think of the possibility that the man she would be meeting with was actually a police officer. She fell for his offer - hook, line, and sinker; make it look like a robbery gone wrong, while she was out of the house with a solid alibi. The officer gave her plenty of chances to get out of the deal, to rethink her decision. She stayed firm. So officers set to work on how to create a fake crime scene at her house, while taking her husband to safety at the police station.After calling her the scheduled day of the murder, she rushed home to see what had happened. They "broke the news" to her, bringing on a flurry of crocodile tears from the widow. Then, when she was taken in for questioning, they broke the real news to her. She had been caught, and her husband knew everything.As good of an actress as she was, she couldn't cry her way out of jail.



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