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Uniting Americans: Celebrating Diversity

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February 22, 2018
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You are not saving a life. You are not contributing anything. Breaking, destroying or turning in your gun as a "responsible gun owner" doesn't do anything except make show these folks to be raging hypocrites. This trend among the "responsible gun owners" is almost as dumb, and definitely more insulting than the Tide Pod challenge. We're writing this so that our readers (who are smart) may share it with someone who is thinking about making this poor life decision and wasting their money.When a "responsible gun owner" makes a video explaining why they're destroying their firearm(s) or turning them in for fear of them taking a life, it says a couple of things.The first thing it says is that you're not really a "responsible gun owner". If you were, you wouldn't be worried about your firearms hurting anything or anyone that wasn't warranted. A responsible gun owner is one that limits access to their firearms and abides by the weapon safety rules. If they're so worried about their firearm hurting someone, then they've neglected two things. Limiting the accessibility by what we'd call non-authorized persons and violating at least two of the five weapon safety rules (yes there are five, we updated it).

Dishonest Gun Owners

If you're a responsible gun owner. Nobody that isn't allowed by you, should be touching your guns.If you're a responsible gun owner, you should know the justifications for lethal force, and nobody that isn't crossing those lines should be injured by your weapon.The idea that destroying a personal gun is going to save a life or prevent people from using guns is almost laughable if it weren't so blatantly disingenuous and disrespectful.Children died and the best thing that these people can do is claim that they and others like them can't be responsible. The narcissism is sickening and downright abhorrent.Bad people will do bad things with whatever they can get their hands on, from knives to pencils. Turning in or destroying your firearm basically tells the rest of the world that you can't be trusted to not do a bad thing.





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