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5 Tips for a Memorable Grunt Fest

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September 21, 2017
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Grunt Style is hitting the road to party with all of you!! We will be going all over our great Nation and throwing a party we like to call Grunt Fest! This is a reunion and gathering of friends new and old where we will all come together as Patriots and Veterans and celebrate our Freedoms as AMERICANS! Grunt Fest can get wild as many of you know, and to ensure your safety and survival, follow these simple precautionary methods. For those of you that have never been to a Grunt Fest, listen up and take some notes!Consider this your safety brief.

Tip 1. Rest the Liver!

That means water ladies and gents, and lots of it! Put the booze down the week leading up to Grunt Fest and pick up some water! Maybe even some multi-vitamins too, it can’t hurt. Your liver will thank you.

Tip 2. Get a Battle Buddy!

We’re bringing it back to boot camp and breaking it down Barney Style. That’s right, get a Battle Buddy! Find yourself a battle buddy or a fire team and come out in numbers. We all have that one friend that can’t handle his alcohol (that might be you) and with a battle buddy, you have someone to get your six. Don’t forget your PT belts!

Tip 3. Plan Ahead!

Boring we know, but essential to making it out alive! Don’t drink and drive, make your friend be the DD or take a taxi. If it’s sunny, bring sunblock. If it’s raining, bring your raincoat (and you should bring a raincoat). Have an IV on hand, or in the car since security probably won’t let you bring it in. Lastly, plan your rendezvous with your Battle Buddy. Alright, sorry, rant over. We just don’t want to find any of you low crawling home, we’re all in this together!

Tip 4. Get Your Rest!

You will need it! Grunt Fest brings you all sorts of activities to keep you busy all day, not to mention the bar. Roll the alarm clocks back, get some food in your stomach, get a good night's rest, and get ready to party your ass off!

Tip 5. HAVE FUN!

That’s what it’s all about! Grunt Fest will change your life! Once you come to one you will want to go to all of them. Take pictures (a lot), make some new friends, create memories you will never forget, and take it all in! Then start planning to get to the next one. We will see you all at Grunt Fest 6, Windy City Wildcard! Cheers and be safe! Read more event articles here.

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