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Becoming Patriots: Basic Training Story 4145

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August 11, 2016
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Fort Bragg, North Carolina 1991. Not a Basic Training Drill Sergeant event. After Desert Storm we took block leave and just because we are Regular Army doesn't mean the F*ck F*ck games stop dead. We had a PFC from Texas who we called ROK ROK. He went home on block leave and decided to bring back a pet to remind him of home. He kept his pet in his wall locker.We had our Payday Activities and Class A inspection in the barracks as usual. Our CSM, 1SG, and Platoon SGT all went in to ROK's Room and we hear, "Private What The F*ck is in this box?"ROK replied, "It's a Rattlesnake Command Sergeant Major!"


CSM Yells, "Bullsh*t Private! Not even you are stupid enough to keep a poisonous snake in your locker!"He opens the box and pulls out what looks like a blue jeans leg tied closed with a wire hangar."Private I am giving you one more chance to tell me what is in this box before I make an example of you!" He said holding the Makeshift bag in the air.ROK yelled, "Command Sergeant Major do NOT open the bag. It is a Rattlesnake!"Command Sergeant major took the wire hangar from the bag and dropped the contents on the floor. What ensued next was a Blur of green as The Command Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, and Platoon Sergeant All Jumped for the nearest furniture. The Command Sergeant Major had managed to wedge himself on the top of a wall locker with his head in the suspended ceiling.By now we were crowding the door and the rattlesnake was rattling it's ass off holding the Cadre at bay. The Command Sergeant Major was screaming, "Private get that Motherf*cking snake out of my barracks!" While ROK was attempting to calm the snake and get it back in its bag.

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