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United by Patriotism: Story 4337

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September 7, 2016
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Fort Sill OK Nov 2001. It's Black Friday, we're Headed across the tracks to Basic and we finally get there. The Sr D.S. Gives his speech and we get assigned our barracks. I'm in the second row of bunks, right about In The middle of the row so my platoon DS (R) gives us his own little speech. We get ordered to dump out our personal bags on our racks but I had an old OD Green tie off bag I got from my wife's brother and it had gotten knotted hard to the point where I couldn't open it.D.S. (R) demanded it open in 10 seconds or the entire Battery Would get smoked. So a battle buddy whipped out his little pocket knife and cut the rope and I dumped my bag. D.S. (R) said I had better not be last again in anything ever again. He barks "Is that clear !" I replied "SIR YES SIR!" ..... Bad Mistake ....WHAT THE F*CK PRIVATE! DO NOT CALL ME SIR I WORK FOR A LIVING!I replied again.... SIR YES SIR !D.S. (R)'s eyes lit up like Hell itself had made his eyes glow bright red ! He repeated himself and once again I said "SIR YES SIR"!D.S. (B) taps him on his shoulder and says "I think you broke him battle".D.S. (R) looks at me and asked "You ok private ?"I replied "Drill Sgt I apologize my dad was in the army right after Highschool and then he was a marine for 6-7 years. He says to me "Ah I see, you got used to saying sir yes sir a lot eh ?" "Yes drill Sgt"

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