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Incredible Transformations: Story 4355

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September 13, 2016
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I enlisted in the Air Force in 2004. I was told the best thing I could do for myself in basic was to keep my head down and stay off radar. At nineteen years old, that wasn't exactly a virtue of mine.So We have our personal bags dumped on our bunks separated by keep, lose, not sure. TI D gets to me and looks over my stuff. There's a long pause. He picks up my travel size bottle of liquid soap with disgust and holds it in front of my face. It's pink. In my defense, I was out of shampoo at home to pack so I had to use my mothers."What the f*ck is this, trainee?! Did you get confused when they said boys to the right and girls to the left?! I seriously have to question your manhood here!"


There are a million things I could have said that would have been appropriate but what came out of my mouth horrified even me,"Sir, you can paint a nuclear missile pink, does not make it any less effective!"Another long pause. He places the soap back on my bunk and walks to his office, closes the door and cranks up some Metallica.Suffice it to say, I was his best buddy for the next week or so.

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