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Empowered to Serve: Story 4369

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September 22, 2016
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In 2009 I was in basic. Our basics are mixed, in the sense that every Corp generally has representation on our basics i.e. Infantry, medical, supply, crewman, arty. in NZ as we are relatively small in terms of size so to fill them. Anyway our platoon Sgt. Sgt B was an old school pipe hitter with a temper like fire and a sense of humor that most civilians wouldn't understand, including us newly recruited sh*theads.Cue range week and specifically grenade day, we all go through the rock drill and are about to move onto practice grenades with the little fuses that go pop. Sgt. B has us lined up and is telling us how the pin and bail work etc all of a sudden he stops in front of a medic recruit, looks him dead in the eye and pulls the pin on the prac grenade (it's at this point I should tell you we were unaware it was a prac grenade, or that the fuse had already been used thus making it inert) and proceeds to shove it down said recruits shirt.Insanity ensues. Recruits are running everywhere, climbing out windows, making themselves small, grabbing human shields and the recruit with the prac grenade in his sh*t is stone, accepting what he believes is his fate with a look of horror on his face.All the while Sgt B is laughing so hard it looks like he might pass out. Good times, good times.

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