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The Will to Succeed: Story 4403

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October 7, 2016
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PVT B was a young naive blonde girl who was a little slow at jokes. The one that was the icing on the cake was during hand to hand, had to be fall of 2003. The Army issued one size fits all mouth guards and we all had to wear them.The Drill Sergeants just finished giving us our demonstrations and we were getting ready to practice as a PLT before the company bouts and PVT B walked up to DS W and got at parade rest. DS W looked at her and said, "What do you want crack head?"PVT B: DS, do you have a pair of scissors?DS W: What the hell do you need Scissors for short bus?PVT B: DS, when I put my mouth piece in, it makes me gag.Without missing a beat DS W replies with "Relax your throat, you know the drill."DS W turned around and everyone busted out laughing except PVT B, she didn't get it. We had to explain it to her later.

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