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Transformative Challenges: Story 4416

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October 18, 2016
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Fort Benning. We had a Private D, 19 years old, first time away from home. He was a little slow and I don’t mean that in a bad way because he was a great guy but some things just wouldn’t catch on to him quickly. One day during a locker inspection, we were told to stand by our bunks and prepare for inspection. Well D was scrambling, running back and forth, I looked across the way at him and was thinking what the f*ck is he doing? What is he looking for?Well it was inspection time so he fell back to his locker as quick as possible. Our senior DS was doing the inspection. He went down the line gigging pretty much everyone for any little thing but then he realized something was different with PVT D's locker. DS stood there, gave D a cold hard stare, I could see D tensing up, all of a sudden the DS yells out, “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT SMELL?”


No one knows what he’s talking about, well, no one but D. DS orders D to open his locker, a strong and menacing pungent odor hits the DS in the face, DS did not flinch and once again he yells out, “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT SMELL? OPEN YOUR PERSONAL DRAWER!”PVT D unbeknownst to us, did not know how to do laundry so he was stashing it away hidden from the DS’s sight and rotating his socks, underwear etc. accordingly. Now the DS knew, it was his dirty laundry that’s been sitting there for almost 1 month. DS is furious, he tells D to throw on his dirty clothes and says “PUT YOUR DIRTY ASS CLOTHES ON AND GET YOUR DIRTY STINKING ASS IN THE SHOWER, YOU”RE GOING TO WASH YOUR STINKY ASS AND YOUR DIRTY ASS CLOTHES AT THE SAME TIME YOU DIRTY MOTHERF*CKER!”.We’re all watching, D is crying and does as he’s ordered. He finishes up and the DS walks away and lets the other DS “take care” of us. After this happened we all got together to help D with his laundry and any other thing he needed.We were not going to fail D again!

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