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Inspiring Stories of Patriotism: Story 4419

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October 26, 2016
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To fraternize or not to fraternize...On a summers afternoon in 2006 SC during field excercises we were given a latrine break. I'm sure those of you that have ever been in an outhouse can still remember the smell... No better time or place for a five foot nothing female PVT C to walk into one of the male only latrines...A look of joy and excitement spread throughout the group of drill sergeants one by one like children on Christmas morning. After a few minutes of waiting, DS W snuck over to the door like a ninja stalking his next victim. With a turn of the key, the latrine door flew open.There was PVT C, getting up off her knees, quickly wiping her mouth off as PVT L put his Johnson away as fast as he could while turning his back to the crowd of onlookers. He reacted so fast there was a "pop" sound his member made leaving her mouth. Everyone watching instintly burst into a very long thunderous laughter that many of the drill sergeants couldn't resist.Just before the march back for hydration formation, DS W asked PVT L a two word question that brought it all back... "Blue balls?"

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