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Overcoming Fear: Basic Training Story 4426

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November 2, 2016
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This was a story of day zero of my basic in the year 2012. After leaving the weirdest prison in the world, 30th AG, we finally began our descent into our lives for the next 2 1/2 months. We had the cliche "My name is DS R and for the next 9 weeks your ass belongs to me now get the f*** off my bus" Then the commence of the shark attack was a go. They did the full check list. From military pressing bags etc etc. The real story starts when we finally got up to the bay an hour later.Front back go's, squats, push ups, burpees. Sh*t I thought they had the actual PT manual and we're just going down the list. Half way into it you started to smell puke and urine. We were destroyed. I'm still in and I've yet to have it like this again. We were told to run outside after doing a timed changing for the third time into ACUs which of course "we didn't make time" so we were told to run outside and grab as much sand as we can stuff in our uniforms. Which the sand pit was about an 1/8 of a mile everytime. DS R told us to build a beach because we were on vacation. So we executed gathering more sand to put "toe to line"That's when it got worse PVT Dumbass decided to slack off and when asked why he was quitting on himself and his platoon he said he was thirsty. Wrong answer so wrong.


I've never in my life drank so much water so fast. If you didn't throw it up you drank it too slow. We had 20 seconds for our full platoon to fill up our canteens full and be back toe to line. I mean full to the point you couldn't fit a mouse fart through it. After we had of course failed yet again. We finally figured out what all the sand was for. We poured canteen after canteen over our heads with a mix of doing "Dives" which if you don't know is basically just the Extend and flex in to the vomit, sand, water and sweat.I guess DS R watched 2 weeks in hell a little too many times. He told us to start rolling around the kill zone so like zombies we did. Rolling over whoever was too slow to keep up.Our "Shark Attack" started at 1330 it is now 2100. We had guys quit during it like we were in selection or some sh*t.We ended our day with the singing of this great countries national anthem toe to line soaked in God knows what and sand everywhere and told to get in bed.Found out later that guys were too scared to ask to use the latrine so they just pissed and sh*t themselves the whole day.What was your first day like?

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