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Triumph of Dedication: Story 4436

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November 4, 2016
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Let's set the stage here...Harmony Church, roughly middle of July, and we are in line at the DFAC. My troop was the last one to get there due to some corrective training. Oldest soldier there was about 26, the rest of us were 18-21. So no maturity, and no discipline whatsoever.Our Senior Drill Sergeant was engaged, and he was getting married at the end of our cycle. We only had 1 month left. Prior to the DFAC, we were in a SHARP briefing the morning of. Well, since we were the last troop to get to the DFAC, we had to wait. So, our superior leadership decided to quiz us on what the "do's and don'ts" are of SHARP. Provide us with examples, give us scenarios and ask us what the appropriate responses would be to avoid "them grunt-seeking-gutter-whores" getting us in trouble with UCMJ.SDS A was from Georgia. Short, built like a tank, and made up insults and words that would even impress Kanye West. He asks, "how many of you think you could f*ck my wife?"


Dead silent. Now I know you all have encountered intelligent people and some really, really downright retarded people while at BCT. I'm from the North side of the Mason Dixon Line, and one of my favorite things to do was find the retards from the Southern backwoods and get them all riled up about their lack of education, their crooked teeth and ask how their wife, their 1st cousin, was doing. Most could barely read, most couldn't speak English, but some were good sh*t.Picture Forrest Gump. Literally, just picture him. Spitting image. Except Private Hobbles ran like a f*ckin' T-Rex. Arms in, legs wide to each side, and was dumber than a box of chocolates."Who thinks they can f*ck my wife?" Asks SDS A, second time.Lo-and-behold, I see Private Hobbles raise his hand. "I do, dwill sar-jant!"Holyfuckingsh*t. SDS A makes a bee line for PVT Hobbles."YOU THINK YOU CAN F*CK MY WIFE?! YOU THINK YOUR TINY WHITE SOUTHERN PECKER CAN PENETRATE THE BLACK MAMBA THAT I'M ABOUT TO MARRY?!"Silent."ANSWER PRIVATE F*CKFACE.""Sen... Sen...Seen-yor Drill Ser-""Oh, I'm f*cking Spanish am I? You think a black woman wants to f*ck a Spanish man? My wife likes the BEE! BEE! SEE!""Dwill sar-jant, I tot you sed who could NAWT f*ck yer wife. I know I ken NOT f*ck yer wife.""You're goddam right, Private Hobbles. You're goddam right you can't. Now do push ups. Beat your face! And I want you to think about my wife in the most respectable manner possible!"Now I'm in the back, and there's DS S. He was the smartass of the group of DS, and he quietly, from the rear and behind a few privates shouts, in a high pitched voice, "Your wife ain't sh*t!" Then ducks and runs to the front.I don't remember what happened after that. Everything went black.

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