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United by Courage: Basic Training Story 4442

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November 14, 2016
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Got a story for you. Fort Knox, 2004. My twin brother and I signed up in the buddy program to be 19 kilos. We go to OSUT at Fort Knox. He was in first platoon, me second platoon. My platoon was mostly full of retards, but 1st, they were squared away. They had a Drill Sergeant, DS G. I remember my bro telling me that after winning one of the platoon competitions, the platoon was pretty psyched. DS G told them to keep it held in, not to be braggarts and what not.It was a silent thunder, hold it in.I wasn't even there, but I liked that. Fast forward about 10 years. I'm out now and trying to get my first teaching job. A hard task to pull off in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My interview is just about over, and they ask me if there's anything else. I say, "I really want this job, I'm not real into talking myself up, I'm more about the silent thunder..." and I'm about to try and score myself some bonus points and the Principal is like, "Wait, wait, wait, what's the silent thunder?"I go on to explain this story from boot camp, that the silent thunder is when you're the best, and everyone knows it, but they don't know it because you told them, you never acknowledge that your the man, but you know you are and everyone else does to. I sh*t you not I got that job, and on the first day, I was asked about the silent thunder. It's my third year at the school.Thank you DS G for the sage wisdom.

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