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Transformative Challenges: Story 4472

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November 30, 2016
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When I went through BCT in 1987 we had a guy in our platoon that was a big time bible thumper. We'll call him Private S. One night while we were performing barracks maintenance he gave a sermon that any sex that was not specifically intended for procreation was a sin. Sex for fun is a sin. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. Sex in any position except for straight missionary is a sin. And so on, and so on.The next morning at the formation between PT and heading to the mess hall for breakfast DS J calls Private S to the front of the formation. When Private S reports DS J picks at his teeth with his thumb and forefinger for a few seconds then holds them out to Private S."Do you know what that is Pri? That's pussy hair. Eatin' pussy is about the best damn thing you're ever going to do in life".Then he flicks his fingers at Private S and has him fall back in.


Several weeks pass and we make graduation day. After graduation we are marched back to our barracks for the last time.Families of graduating privates and some of the DS's spouses are waiting for us to be released. We have one last formation, the company commander makes a speech, and turns us over to our respective DS for dismissal. Before dismissing us, DS J brings his wife over. Once again he calls Private S to the front of the platoon and introduces his wife to Private S as "this is the kid I was telling you about. The one that doesn't believe in f*cking"."Oh, you poor thing".Bonus one from DS J. I had a Vietnamese guy in my squad. One morning DS J walks up, looks him dead in the eye, and says, "You know, 20 years ago I got paid to kill people like you. Hell, I probably put a round in your old man when I was over there"."Yes Drill Sergeant".

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