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Defenders of the Dream: Basic Training Story 4527

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December 20, 2016
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A couple of stories from 2016:First was a few days in to Basic, one of the DSs from another platoon, DS T, came over Ronny platoon while we were studying for the Weapons Immersion testing. He asked us is we'd received a "prickie 6". Us being new and confused said no, and he told us to ask our Platoon Sergeant for one in order to receive our weapons. Dutifully doing as told, Pvt A ran to DS P, and asked him if they had any.The DS said he'd check, and went inside the CQ. A few moments later he came out, loudly yelling at us to get in the Front leaning Rest, beforing telling us to never ask for a prick E-6 again. Suffice to say we never did.


Later that cycle, one private, Pvt S, left his M-4 in the classroom while cleaning. The DS found it and took it hostage for a week. Instead of his weapon, Pvt S had to carry around a 7-foot long M-16, which included doing D&C. During one formation before bed, DS T decided to put this to the test, running Pvt S through Order, Port, and Present Arms.Fortunately we hadn't learned Inspection Arms yet, so he didn't have to do that. However, he did have to run through a drill of moving the weapon from Low Ready to High Ready, firing at "targets", which happened to be privates in formation who couldn't contain the laughter.Fortunately he got his M-4 back later that week.

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