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Transformative Challenges: Story 4576

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January 19, 2017
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This story isn't necessarily funny, but it really shows how much you have to watch out for the Blue Falcons in your platoon.We had a private, lets call him Pvt M. Pvt M and had become a favorite of the DS's to single out. So fast forward to our FTX and DS L teams me and Pvt M for a roving patrol. About half way through our patrol, I had to use the latrine so we walk over to the porto johns.I hand my rifle over to Pvt M for him to pull security. I'm in the john for about five minutes taking a dump and when I come out there is Pvt M laying in the prone position looking utterly confused. I went to grab my rifle and low and behold it was missing.

"Pvt M where is my weapon"

Pvt M "it was here just a second ago.... Hell, where's my weapon!?!?"

Then from behind us another group of privates just blurted out "DS has them Pvt M fell asleep pullimg security".So we headed to the DS tent to try to get our weapons back. Instead we got a questioning and lecture from our DS and handed some ten gallon water containers as our weapons. We were told to keep the company hydrated.Fast forward two days me and Pvt M get called to the DS tent to get our weapons back and DS L looks at me and goes "You learn anything Pvt"Me "Yes DS dont trust Pvt M with my rifle"DS L "Anything else Pvt"Me "was there something else to be learned DS L?"DS L "dont leave your battle on patrol"Me looking confused "i didnt DS he fell asleep pulling security at the latrine "DS L looks at Pvt M "is this true Pvt M"Pvt M "yes DS"DS L with the most pissed off look i had ever seen just shouts at him. "Then why didn't you say otherwise Pvt M!? You trying to drag him down when you f*cked up like the blue falcon you are? I was going to take the water jugs away from you guys, but Pvt M they are now your permanent battle buddies while you are here!".And for the rest of Osut Pvt M had those two water jugs everywhere they even had there own spots in our platoon.

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