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The Spirit of Sacrifice: Story 4587

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February 9, 2017
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We were on Sand Hill in 1998 and there was this Specialist that many of us knew at Reception. Spc. D was used as a duty driver at Reception taking us to appointments and what not until his ankle healed from a bad break during training. A few weeks into training and Spc. D is recycled to our unit.He was a good enough guy, helped out those he could and most everyone liked him. We all felt a bit bad for him having been there for so long while his ankle healed and were excited that he would get to complete his training and graduate with us. I don't recall now what we were doing, probably being smoked for something stupid, but we were below our barracks and Spc. D managed to break his other ankle.

The DSs came over and confirmed that it was indeed broken, Spc. D jumped up and broken ankle and all took off running full steam into a brick wall, out cold. They took him away and cleaned out his locker, we graduated a couple weeks later and never found out what happened to him beyond so and so saying they heard this or that.Some thought he was sent back to Reception to be recycled with another unit, others thought he was discharged for failure to adapt and sent home. My favorite theory though was that he was actually some undercover nark ratting us out to the DSs and it was his way of getting out of our unit to be sent to spy on another.

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