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February 2, 2017
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In 1992, our platoon was gathered at the front of our bay, learning to clear and seal our pro-masks. After instruction, each of us f*ckstains had to demonstrate a proper clear and seal, which was verified by one of the DS's. DS F, the platoon Sgt, "hated" the word Hooah. DS S loved it, and deemed that it was the only alternative to "YES DRILL SERGEANT" for sounding off.After seeing everybody ahead of me have their clear and seal verified by DS F clamping his hands over the air inlet filters until the f*ckstain on display choked out or panicked and pissed himself, I chose to go for silent chokeout. I was wrong. As I'm sitting on my hands, fingernails digging through my bdus and underwear, leaving bloody furrows in my ass cheeks, watching black specs float across my eyes, and hearing a serene voice telling me to let go, I hear DS S order me to sound off... since he didn't ask a question, there was only one response.As I try to gasp the tiniest bit of oxygen to sound off, DS F whispers in my ear,"Private, if I hear the f*cking word Hooah come outta your mouth, I will choke you to the verge of death, revive you, skull f*ck you, then choke past death. Now i'm gonna give you 5 seconds to breathe and think.".

As DS F releases my pro-mask, DS S screams, "Private B, I said sound the f*ck off!"F*ck it, I'm dead either way... "Hooah Drill Sergeant!"I feel the steely hands of death clamp onto my pro-mask, as the whole platoon gasps, certain they are about to witness my death. DS S says "Nice knowing ya, private!" as he stands in front of me laughing. I now see angels with harps and a glowing stairway, my ass cheeks are shredded mush and blood from trying not to panic, and I know the end is near.When suddenly, my will breaks, and my leg kicks out.... right into the titanium canon balls in the crotch of DS S bdu bottoms.DS F immediately let me go, and told me to run fast and far, while DS S was still writhing on the ground. DS S got his revenge a few weeks later, introducing the platoon to a Dry Land Drowning, with me as as the drowning victim... and there was no lifeguard on duty!

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