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February 9, 2017
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I know, I know, Navy. As it stands, waaaaay back in the day, one thing has always stood out from good 'ol basic as a sterling example of "that guy". Seaman Recruit D. Started out easy enough. Super-Moto, gung-ho, telling us all about how he'd enlisted for his family and his little girl and so damn patriotic it was enough to give Captain America a hard-on.

The change, however, was subtle.

Naval version of fire watch. Post at night, wander the barracks with flashlight in hand. Officer on Duty would storm in, grill recruits with questions, depart, log, carry on. Then you'd turn around, and there was D."Did you see that! If that had been me, I'd be ready for those questions, I know those! I got this sh*t man!"And meanwhile, the only thing you're thinking is: "Dude, why the f*ck are you out of your rack?"

Little things like this that begin to indicate juuuuust maybe, things were starting to get to him.It all reached it's final glorious conclusion, the day he walked into Chiefs office, solemnly thanked him for his time, but stated that his duties as Secretary Of The Navy (or Secretary Of Defense, I can never recall which.), took precedence, and it was time for him to return to Washington D.C.Whoosh, gone, like so much dust in the wind.I mean, we all know the guy who pretends, or plays, or tries to fake something... Nope, this was full-on, completely round the bend bonkers.Hell, Chief was chewing us out the next day, stating we should have been watching out for a shipmate, etc. He suddenly stops, mid-rant, and simply states: "F*ck that... They should have caught his ass at MEPS!"

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