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March 2, 2017
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Had a senior drill from Africa, and was adopted as a baby by a rich white family. Drill Sgt was from a legit African hunting tribe what not. This guy would run 3 miles backwards before us troopers would finish 2 miles. Just to feed the African tribe truth.Anyways one night on CQ and being the young private I was fell asleep at the CQ desk. Maybe twenty to thirty minutes later I awoke to senior drill inches away from my face staring at me.Startled I asked "can I help you drill sgt"?Senior drill in his most authentic African accent stated, "private why you so sleepy private? Do you know what happens when you fall asleep in Africa private?"Me to the senior drill, "negative senior drill I do not know what happens.Senior Drill said, "you get ate by lions private, by lions".He calmly walked away and I didn't sleep for the rest of my shifts.

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