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February 21, 2017
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The date is September 2016. As Combat Engineers we had OSUT training so Basically were stuck at the same place for a few more weeks. We had just finished basic training and we phased up to AIT. We were getting fitted for our dress blues and my platoon was on heavy so we had to serve field chow .After chow was over it was time to bring the equipment back to the D-Fac . Me ,Pvt M, and Pvt L were in the back of the duty truck waiting to leave out. Pvt M had to pee but he said he was gonna hold until we arrive back at the company.We had been sitting back there for about an hour.Pvt sweating his ass off in the back said he couldn't no more . I thought the kid was just gon sit there and pee on himself .Boy I was wrong .He turned his back to us took off his camel back and began to pee in it . But that's not the worst part. While we were in the duty truck our company was getting smoked and had a heat casualty. So they made everyone form up and DS S made us get out and get in formation then our 1st Sgt said I want everyone to drink at least half of their camel back.It did NOT end well for PVT M...

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