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Basic Training Story 4630

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February 23, 2017
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We had a notoriously mean drill sergeant that was very, very energetic and short. He would go out of his way to pull pranks and trick people into doing the wrong thing so he could smoke the ever loving piss out of them. He would even sneak around at night (like any other good drill sergeant would). Thing is, he had a thing for chem lights.People do weird things and his was collecting chem lights for some reason. So while we were on our FTX we dug our own latrine and marked it with chem lights so no one would fall in at night.Lo and behold, drill sergeant was out snatching chem lights again, except this time he was using a knife. So everyone heard the extremely loud screaming and shouting late at night. It turns out he had cut the chem light in two and squirted the fluid into his own eyes, blinding himself and falling over backwards into the latrine.Since he was short and now blind he couldn't get out of the latrine so the patrol found him covered in shit up to his neck(this was after like a few days so there was a lot of shit).Very nice guy though, we all loved him.

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