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March 6, 2017
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It was November of 1965. I had volunteered for the draft and was sent to Ft. Hood, Texas for Basic Training. I was a 'cherry boy.' I hadn't been out of California; and I had very limited experience with the opposite sex, or anything else for that matter.My DS had sent me to the Quartermaster to pick up a package. I passed by the field assigned to physical training. And I was walking down the sidewalk next to the field. There was a female drill sgt (E-6) on a wooden stand conducting physical training for a bunch of woman, or really girls.As DS's are want to do, she was unhappy with their performance. She brought them to attention and then told them they were going to do 'jumping jacks.' If you don't know what jumping jack are, quit reading this as it will have no meaning.As she readied them to begin, she said, "I WANT TO HEAR THOSE PUSSIES SLAP TOGETHER."nuff said!Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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