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March 6, 2017
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So week two of red phase I get the pleasure of being a chow server. The lunch ladies at 1-19 tend to like to give you the extra food left over and pile it on your plate. I being myself have a nervous stomach and it makes it hard to eat already. Being in red phase it was required to eat as fast as you can and all the food on your plate. And as a chow serve you are the last to eat.So me and buddy are eating and all the attention is on us .I start to realize after about 3 pierogis in there's no way I can finish this. But mama didn't raise no bitch so I kept scarfing them down and washing it down with red Gatorade. I start to gag and I realize I'm going to throw up.In the panic I start to get up and sit back down trying to figure out do I throw up in the trash can or just sit here and tough it out. The drill sergeant noticed it and came over and proceeded to yell at me and my battle buddy. Mind you me and him are the last ones in the dfac at this point he's sitting directly across from me. I then told the drill sergeant I'm going to vomit .The drill sergeant returns with "you better not puke in my dfac you're not allowed to throw up in my dfac".Well I continued to eat and gag and eventually puke all over my tray a great peptobismol pink mess. The drill sergeant then sees it and comes over and starts yelling "that's disgusting private you better not spill any of that. You better get it all on the tray."My battle buddy sees what's going on and let's out a loud "oh my god" and stands up to try and leave. The drill sergeant then yells at him to sit down and finish his food. So I'm puking and this guy is sitting there finishing his food while he has to watch me finish throwing up on my tray.Worst and funniest moment of basic if not my whole life.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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