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March 9, 2017
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Not my story but my dad's. His bunk mate was from the sticks of east Kentucky. The guy also looked and sounded exactly like the cartoon character Elmer Fudd. Pvt. Fudd was a favorite of the DIs and was attacked like a wounded seal pup daily. Fudd couldn't understand why the Dis called him "Fudd". He also didn't know his left from his right.To solve this problem he had to carry around a rock in his left hand. The rock was painted bright red with a white "L" on it. My dad's job was to ensure that Fudd had his rock at all times. The DIs even told him they could care less if Fudd had his weapon, but he had to have the rock.One day after being out in the field my dad checked to see if Fudd had his rock. He didn't, the whole platoon went back to find it so as to avoid getting smoked. Because at that point everyone adopted Fudd as the platoon mascot. After four hours of tireless searching they gave up and went back to barracks. The DIs didn't finish smoking them until 0400. They climbed into bed for an hour, just completely worn out.When Fudd dropped his pants for the night a hard thud could be heard throughout the bay when the BDUs hit the ground.Upon investigation there in Fudd's RIGHT pocket was his LEFT rock.Private Fudd became a cook after basic.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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