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Basic Training Story 4661 - Part Four

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March 21, 2017
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Now 4th pltThey have a few stories but there is only one that I think that's worth mentioning. Ds L from 4th plt hated being a Drill more than any other drill and he made sure we knew. During the road marches he would walk up behind the privates he sees talking and say in the most sarcastic tone ever "hey guys what are we talking about? I love convos during road marches. So tactical. Oh yeah lets cradle our weapons too. We ain't using them right now. Let's take the easy and most comfortable way out. It's only basic training. You guys don't have to worry about being deployment ready yet. After you graduate you're basically gonna be ninjas anyway so might was well relax and save the stress when you get to Afghanistan."

Now to my favorite moment from him.

He's just fed up with 4th plt one morning before we enter the DFAC one morning. The same morning 2nd plt kept getting dusted off for dusting themselves off. Every other plt's guidon bearer has posts their guidon except 4th. So before the guidon goes into the ground, the bearer sounds off with the plt motto. 2nd plt was "reapers." 4th plt was "rattlers."Ds L says "you know what 4th, don't even sound off with the plt motto when you post the guidon. From the way you guys are looking, you better not had joined the Army to be soldiers. You guys better had joined the Army just for college money. So private R (their guidon bearer) when you post the guidon dont sound off with 'rattlers' sound off with 'college money.' "I lost it when what happened next, happened. Private R from 4th plt raises the guidon high and in the sky, takes a deep breath and yells "rattlers." Ds L wants to yell "OH MY F*****G GOSH" but instead yells "OH MY!!!!" And just walks away.Like 30 sec pass and he comes back and says "PRIVATE, WHAT DID I JUST GET THROUGH SAYING?" TAKE THE GUIDON OUT OF THE GROUND AND SOUND OFF WITH THE NEW PLT MOTTO."So their guidon bearer takes out their guidon and yells "College money" before he posts the guidon again. I was in formation cracking up waiting to get broke off again for laughing but ds B just chews me out and carried on. But that smoking would have been worth it.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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