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March 28, 2017
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Another one from Basic, this one my personal hell. It happened to me, but it was in no way my fault...One recruit, with the same last name as me, but nothing else in common, ended up in the same platoon. Of course, this meant we'd end up battle buddies. However, this became a nightmare for me. Because this little bastard, about 5'6" and weighing about 180 pounds, all muscle, lived for PT. And not just PT. He'd almost literally get off on PT in MOPP4 and gas mask, on a 90f+ day. Yes, that did happen and he smiled the entire way through it laughing. Why my hell, well, I was his battle buddy. Every time he dropped, guess who got dropped too...He also had a habit of over eating. But it was for a reason. He'd then throw it back up in his mouth and rechew the food. And he'd continue doing that throughout the day. Which of course was another reason for us to get smoked...My happiest day was when they finally made him platoon guide, which meant I got a new battle buddy. Not because of competence, just because it was the only way the DS's had of keeping him in control and away from me. I was almost at the point of physical violence to him by the time they "promoted" him. If I could have lifted my arms high enough of course...Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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