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April 28, 2017
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So no shit, there I was about 14 weeks into MP basic/AIT January 1998. We finally had our first (and only) overnight pass. Everyone scrambled to the pay phones to make motel reservations. As most of you know, after that period of time, members of the opposite sex who you wouldn't touch on day one are now supermodels!!Needless to say, there was a lot of extra curricular activities going on as nobody had seen the opposite sex naked in some time.Fortunately, nobody got arrested or went AWOL. Once we got back to the bay, we were all comparing stories. Little did we know that the Drill Sergeants were listening on the intercom and taking notes. One by one our DS called out every Private that had told a story to include my battle buddy who had paid over $100 for a hand job from a stripper. Not only did he get verbally destroyed, but I was smoked for not looking out for my battle buddy (even though I had paid for the hotel room and given him the money for "entertainment").I still talk to my battle buddy at least once a week and remind him about his poor investment of my money!Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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