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May 30, 2017
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My track vehicle mechanic AIT class in the spring of 02 had about 20 people in it. One of our DSs was a chunky lady who was five foot nothing, the other was 6'5" black dude who was so muscular that the bdu buttons across his pecs looked like they were ready to pop off at 1500 fps.On the occasions that we were able to make DS Muscles laugh, it sounded like this, "Ha he hee, hoo he hee, you privates, Ha he hee." We were his first class of troops, and we cherished this man.One chilly March night in Maryland, we're in the barracks impersonating DS Muscles laughter and cracking each other up, all five furious feet of DS Chunky comes storming down the hallway. She orders us all outside to wait for her at parade rest.


We all went out immediately without thinking about the weather. Everyone was in some sort of pt uniform but none of us matched so it was probably the most ate up looking formation I've ever stood in.After charitably gifting us 15 minutes to learn it was 40 degrees outside, DS Chunky joined us outside to have a high volume conversation regarding our tobacco policy violations. 45 seconds into it, one of us starts moving around at the back of the formation.Surprised at the audacity of a new private moving during an ass chewing, the DS demanded an explanation."It's on the inside of my glasses Drill Sergeant. A bird shit while it was flying over us and hit me in the eye!"That was the first time we ever heard Chunky laugh. But I will never forget the sound of DS Muscles laughing when we told him about PVT shit in the eye.Ha he hee, Hoo he hee!

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