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June 1, 2017
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So no shit there I was at relaxin' Jackson at the end of summer/beginning of fall in 2003. Throughout BCT I was always a little slow so that painted a target on myself not only for one of the DS but also my fellow recruits. I grew up in the desert and was having difficulty climatizing to the humidity and high pollen counts of SC and was having to go to sick call for respiratory issues quite often.One morning, after returning from sick call, I noticed that we had drawn weapons to work on D&C stuff and the arms room was already closed and locked up so I had to use the rubber duck. At one point, some of my fellow recruits were having some problems so DS C, who was leading the block of instruction, calls out "Where's that dummy?"I quickly knew exactly what he was asking for and that I had better give it to him or risk getting dropped so I piped up "Right here, DS!" Everyone, including DS C laughed.I'll never forget that man. He taught me well.

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