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Representing the Branches: Best Military Movies

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August 23, 2018
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Each branch has their own movie dedicated to them in some small form or fashion. Whether it was made for that branch to bolster recruiting or was just telling of amazing exploits, each branch has a movie that makes them pretty damn proud.With that being said, we put in the hard work of watching every single movie and binge eating popcorn until we had zinc poisoning (popcorn in high in the mineral zinc) to give you the best movie for each branch. Here's a hint, there was only one for the Coast Guard because nobody makes movies about Coasties. (It may seem that we have a lot of hate for the Coast Guard, we don't. They're just an easy target for the interservice rivalry...because are they really even a branch?)It was a hard decision to make for the Army, especially given the fact that we're mostly Marines here. However, the Army has gotten a lot of really good press via Hollywood and this was probably our most difficult decision of them all. We had three competitors. Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, We Were Soldiers. We know we could get castigated no matter which way we go, but we're going to throw out an unpopular opinion here. It was difficult to make and we hemmed and hawed over it for a while.We Were Soldiers - It won because it was all-encompassing. It showed the training, the fighting, the emotions of those back home. It was a real look into what life would be like for everyone connected to the war. We're ready to be crucified for not saying Saving Private Ryan.

The decision for the Marine Corps was much easier. We know we won't get too much hate for this one because well, we know the demographic.Full Metal Jacket - You knew this would be it. No other reasons to talk about.

For the Navy, it was another difficult task of selecting a movie that really got people excited about joining the Navy. They probably have just as many movies to choose from as the Army or so it seemed during our binge watch of all of these movies. The winner surely won't surprise you.Top Gun - Yeah they're flying, but remember, they're "Naval Aviators" not pilots. Plus, if you don't think Goose is just the best, you probably think the Hammer and Sickle were neato!

Gotta say we thought there would be more movies for the Air Force, but the one we selected, well it's was fueled our passion to become fighter pilots. Too bad we weren't very good in school, we'd have had the coolest callsign and shot down so many bad guys planes...if they had planes.Iron Eagle - Doug Masters made everyone want to fly the F-16. If not then we're assuming you're busy "creating" and "organic" 4th generation fighter that looks strangely like our F-5 Tigers from the 60's...

The Coast Guard was easy, not a whole bunch of movies about Coasties, you guys need to do some really cool shit, like ram a Cutter into a bad guy or something really badass. Get that street cred up.The Guardian - Nobody wants to go swimming in the Bering Strait. It's cold and it's dark and it's miserable. Yeah they were brave, but nobody is sitting there saying

"Hey, I'd really like to go freeze my ass off in violent ass seas."
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