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Drill Sergeants Catch a 15-6 Investigation

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December 20, 2016
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Went to OSUT on good old Sand Hill during the spring and summer of 2013. We were at one of the obstacle course all day. While we were there my company had this camera man going around taking footage of us for a DVD we could buy at graduation. I was standing in line waiting for my turn to head up to the rappel wall when the camera guy came over and asked if any of us had done any rappelling before.I raised my hand. With the permission of the 1SG he strapped a GoPro onto my ACH. When it came time for me to move toward the edge of the wall and hook up my senior DS looked over and saw I had a GoPro on. He yelled, "you with the camera...come over here and get a shot of me...yeah me...the guy who's gonna titty f*ck your mom later!!"


Like a little bitch all I could manage to get out was "moving DS!"When I got up face to face with good old senior DS and he gave me my final safety check he looks at the camera and asks "ok, how do you turn this thing on?" I had all I could do not to laugh and told him "DS the camera has been rolling the whole time."Needless to say he had a word or two with the camera man about the footage I took. I bought the DVD at graduation but that scene never made the final cut.

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