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Eric Greitens Shooting Machine Gun: Best Political Campaign Ad Ever?

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August 4, 2016
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Eric Greitens, former Navy SEAL, won the Republican nomination for Missouri Governor in a four-way race, has released what may be the most amazing campaign ad ever. In the video, the former Navy SEAL commander and Bronze Star recipient is said to “fight back” against the political establishment and when he does so, he “brings out the big guns.” His campaign mission is to “set his sights on politics as usual.” The ad consists of text layered over a video of him shooting a minigun into a body of water. See the ad below:’s pedigree extends beyond just being a Navy SEAL, though. The 42-year old is also a Rhodes Scholar, has a P.h.D from Oxford, and has published several books.


This is not the first political ad into which Greitens has incorporated his shootings skills. In another ad, published on his Youtube channel on June 6th, Greitens is seen shooting a short-barreled AR-15 style rifle. “For too long, Missouri has been run by career politicians,” he says in the ad. “Well I’m no career politician…I’ll take dead aim at politics as usual.” He then loads the rifle and shoots at what appears to be Tannerite and gasoline, creating decent-sized fireball in the process.See the second ad here:

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