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Grunt Fest Guide

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September 21, 2017
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You’ve suddenly found yourself at the best party of your life, booze is flowing, music is blasting and there’s a bunch of dudes and ladies in short green shorts… It’s GRUNT FEST, an all American patriotic party full of veterans. But you’ve never served, what do you do?

You HAVE FUN! And here’s your steps.

  1. Grab a beer and talk to a stranger! These men and women around you most likely served their country proudly and more often than not have some kick-ass stories!
  2. Be respectful! You may see dudes hugging, maybe shedding a tear or two, a lot of these people may not have seen each other in months or years, so expect some emotions!
  3. This is a party! Play some beer pong! Dance! Just be YOU!
  4. Celebrate America and the proud veterans and patriots that make this nation great!
  5. Hit up the attractions! Race big wheels, play laser tag...just get in there and get after it!

And the most important tip, HAVE A PLAN!Call a cab, have a DD or use an app! After such a killer night and an epic party don’t ruin it with an easily avoidable mistake!Have a drink, Meet some people, be respectful, Love this country, Make the most of the night! Read more events articles here.

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