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Grunt Style USO Fulfillment Center

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September 20, 2017
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As per usual, the folks over at Grunt Style are up to something amazing. The Grunt Style team is partnering up with USO to provide 100 care packages to our service members currently serving overseas. The packages are littered with snacks like granola bars, beef jerky, and Cliff bars – as well as toiletries we take for granted but are reminiscent godsends to soldiers stationed in war-torn cesspools.The care package drive is coinciding with Grunt Style’s ribbon cutting for a brand new product fulfillment and customer service center in Carol Stream, Illinois. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on September 22nd, at 1 pm CST.“Hey, I’ve never seen a ribbon cutting before and want to attend, where is this shindig taking place?” Well, I’m glad you asked – cause I almost forgot that bit of information. The ceremony will commence at their new facility located at 680 Center Avenue, Carol Stream, IL, 60188. You want directions too? Come on man, I even gave you the zip code … you’ve got GPS on your phone – don’t be that guy.This type of news just warms my belly and rectifies so many wrongs in our hashtag-centric society: a veteran-owned company not only succeeding but growing as well. The new fulfillment center will provide more U.S. job opportunities, as well as help strengthen the local economy of Carol Stream. I guess that’s why the Mayor of Carol Stream (Frank Saverino) and a representative of the Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce (Luanne Newman) will be in attendance. So if you’ve got any questions for them, perhaps that’s another reason to attend?The two individuals actually cutting the ribbon will be Dan Alarik (former U.S. Army Drill Sergeant & CEO of Grunt Style LLC) and Tim Jensen (USMC Veteran & Chief of Operations for Grunt Style LLC). Who knows, perhaps this is a chance to get some face time in with these successful entrepreneurs and put yourself in the running for one of the many new job openings.Honestly, I’m not surprised by Grunt Style’s philanthropic forward mentality or their successes, considering how well Grunt Style is managed through veteran ownership and leadership. Dan Alarik and Tim Jensen are true leaders who walk the walk, unlike most highbrow executives at corporations who tend to just talk the talk…and have rancid breath.Here’s three cheers to the ribbon cutting ceremony fellas! Hopefully there’s much more to come!Read more news articles here.

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