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Guy Decided to Kayak Next to a Black Bear

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July 19, 2016
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Most people would consider it a natural instinct to run away if you come into contact with a Black Bear. Matthew Garrity decided to take a video.Garrity was visiting Hemlock Lake, located south of Rochester, NY with some friends at the time. They all noticed a dark object moving through the water, but only Garrity chose to bite the bullet and investigate. He took his kayak and headed into the water."I was with two friends who decided to stay on shore," Garrity told Mashable. "I was the curious one who absolutely needed to know what I was looking at moving across the lake so quickly."

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The video he took now has over 300k views on Facebook and that number is growing."The bear definitely noticed me. At one point, not captured on video because I was paddling at the time rather than holding my phone, he did turn his head and look directly at me for a split second, but he never stopped swimming towards the shore," said Garrity.According to, the bear could have been looking for food, or just out enjoying the water.

"North American Black bears like to swim. If there is water where they live they will exploit it for food. Since bears like to hunt fish they are not shy of water. In fact their baby cubs take to the water quickly.In their search for food in their habitat they can cross ponds, lakes, and rivers to get to better feeding grounds (including campgrounds, lodges, and resorts). They use their powerful front and hind legs to paddle swiftly through water and are actually graceful swimmers."
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