Chop and Steele
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Guys Impersonated Fitness Experts on Live TV, Hilarious

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April 27, 2017
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A local Wisconsin news station is suing two men after they marketed themselves as "fitness experts" for a live segment - all in the name of a good prank."Chop and Steele" are actually Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, two regular guys who were out for a laugh, and actually managed to get some air time.Looking at this footage, it's amazing that none of the newscasters showed any hesitancy or lack of belief in the duo's "credentials" as they chopped twigs in half, stomped on woven baskets, and threw things at each other to build toughness. Oh, and did we mention that they whacked each other with tennis rackets? Great workout. Good for the glutes.After their antics were shown on live TV, the owner of the station filed a lawsuit against the two men. Pickett and Prueher maintain that the prank was all in good fun and that realistically, any news organization should have caught the joke before it resulted in an appearance. more video articles here.

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