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Hollywood, Stop Lecturing Us

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January 1, 1970
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The Golden Globes was yet another opportunity for Hollywood to do what it does best, to tell Americans how to act and what to do despite rampant hypocrisy amongst themselves. Hollywood, stop lecturing us. Stop acting like your shit don't stink.It's nothing personal, we just don't like people that are so grossly out of touch and weak in their convictions telling us how to live our lives. According to you, it's not ok for us to do a whole host of things, but for the right price, you'll act in a movie glorifying what you just preached against. We get it everyone has to make a buck, but how are we to take you seriously if you fold that easily? How are you going to condemn our behavior in society, then outright support it in your personal lives? It's nothing personal or vindictive, we'd just like you to stop pontificating about proper behavior when you're the guilty party.Everything that you state you're against has been rocked by scandal in the last five years by some of your biggest players (a la Weinstein). If you're really going to take a stand on an issue and try to change the world, all the power to you. We'd just like you to be consistent with your words and actions. When those two combine, you can take a stance on whatever you like and talk about it all you want!

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