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How to Solve Our ISIS Bride Problem

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January 1, 1970
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First off. It's not a big problem. Secondly no we can't just drone strike her, despite the fact that she was, in fact, a member of ISIS. I'd have to brush up on my barracks law degree as well seeing as how there is a legal...question as to whether or not she is entitled to due process...personally no, but you know...legally...also no (just kidding, but we're not really sure). All that aside, Australia has figured out how to ensure their ISIS bride doesn't come back.Naked women on the streets.Now. I'm sure that this is a gross over exaggeration and has something to do with possibly the extreme beliefs of members of ISIS that if a woman is not covered head to toe in traditional garb...that she is in fact dressed as a prostitute and basically naked. In fact, we are almost sure of this absence of naked women on the streets, because if Australia just had gorgeous women walking around naked all the time...I mean...I'd be there because I heard, they love Marines.So here is our solution. To keep our ISIS bride and her kid from coming back to the United guessed it, continue to have women dress in normal western cultural fashion because according to someone who thinks chopping the heads off of unbelievers, we're immoral and indecent.It's working in Australia, so hopefully, ya fingers crossed and all, she realizes that

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