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Insane New Suppressors

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February 1, 2016
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INSANE New Baffle-Free Suppressors [VIDEO]

The OSS Suppressor system was developed by a Veteran of the SOF community to create a new and improved suppression system that is a huge jump from traditional suppressors. Being completely hearing safe with no overpressure in enclosed environments and providing incredible recoil reduction, the baffle-free design is truly remarkable.While talking about it is great, seeing it in action is what really counts. Check out this awesome piece of gear in the video below.




In a modern weapon system like the M4, there’s a 2.3ms delay from when the round discharges to when the bolt opens. Similar timing delays are engineered into every modern weapons system via the gas port, the chamber and the muzzle. If the bolt unlocks prior to the engineered delay, significant problems are created for the gun and the shooter.

When a baffle suppressor is attached, the barrel length increases – longer than was originally engineered – and barrel pressure goes from .0-12psi to as much as 250-350psi – a 20-30x increase!

In addition, the expanding toxic gas and carbon from a fired round has only 2 options with baffle cans:

  1. Go forward – through the baffles that are designed toblock the gas
  2. Go backward – down the barrel, out the port and into the operators face

The OSS Flow-Through suppression system redirects the toxic gas and carbon forward while only adding only an additional 30psi to barrel pressure – only a 2.5x increase!

Learn more about the differences between traditonal and flow-through suppressors HERE

Let us know what you think about this in the comment section or on Facebook!

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