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Men's Mental Health Matters - Breaking Stigma

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January 1, 1970
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Judging from the headlines lately, it's not ok to be a man. We don't think that's true but given the backtracked position of the University of Texas (Austin) and the new regulations governing the Boy Scouts of America, there seems to be this fundamental belief within certain sections of our society that masculinity and the virtues that belong to that are somehow inherently negative. We fundamentally disagree. As many of us in the office are fathers, sons, uncles, and husbands, there is a serious lack of understanding from those who hold opposing views on our gender (not that we're a gender, we're all variations of A-10 Warthogs, Apache and Cobra attack helicopters or a really cool dinosaur).There is this thought that in order to achieve "equality" among genders, that the other must be torn down. This idea of breaking up the boys club is actually quite immature and pointless. The tearing down of "the bastions of manhood" in order to better represent the other side...sure feels like one side is being attacked? Quite simply how would it look if men were to tear down the "bastions of femininity?" It would be reprehensible, no?Despite the knowledge that this is a vocal minority clamoring for relevance trying to burn down the idea of "Man", it's still shocking to see it gain the traction that it has.Let us be clear here, there is nothing wrong with being a man, there is nothing wrong with being a woman. There is everything wrong with vilifying an entire gender to suit the victim mentality that many perpetuate.Let the Boy Scouts be the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts be the Girl Scouts. Expand the Girl Scouts programming/curriculum if necessary and allow people to get on with their lives. This is and will always be a non-issue turned into an issue.

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