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Journalist in Iraq Saved from Sniper Bullet (GoPro Footage)

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May 19, 2017
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You can file this one under “Lucky-Ass Guy Almost Gets Killed by a Sniper”. In this video, there are 2 Iraqi journalists talking and recording somewhere on the street. It’s all very lighthearted and relaxed as they jaw-jack in and around an armored vehicle.At the :04 second mark it happens, so fast you can’t see it or realize what happened, then they slow it down for you and you can see his GoPro explode on his chest. It looks a poof of smoke and makes little noise.For having been shot at by a sniper the guy is surprisingly calm yet confused. Fortunately, they all are smart enough to take cover but then they inexplicably keep recording and milling out and about in the street, like the shooter is somehow not there anymore or won’t shoot again. A mustachioed driver/idiot keeps sticking his head out of the vehicle, and grinning.The conversation then goes into very well spoken English, with one guy asking the other “where the f@#k was that from Amar?” it sounds like a British or Australian accent even.There is some odd behavior by the men in this video. Watch it for yourself and leave a comment on what you see and think happened.Video courtesy Viral Hog


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