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Knife or Gun: Does It Really Matter?

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January 1, 1970
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We've been in an around the world of violence enough to have an expert amateur opinion. Everything from war, to bar fights, to cage fighting, to whatever else you can think of, we've been privy to it. So here is our amateur expert opinion. You'd better be prepared with a knife or with a gun because someone else will be.If you're not prepared with either a gun or a knife, someone who is even slightly more prepared than you who wishes to do you or anyone else harm will find a way whether with a gun or with a knife or with a baseball bat, or golf club, or hammer or vehicle. Do you see how we could go on and on and on forever with this?We talked about the red flag law that some states are enacting earlier, and the truth of the matter is, like in all things, while having good intentions, it is after all just a piece of paper and many, again (like always) will find a way to abuse it.Way back during the war times, circa early 2000's we were told many, many, many, many time (you think we're exaggerating but for those of you who know, you know how often it was beaten into your head) Some dude in a cave is training to kill you, living a very meager life, but honing his skills to kill you.

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