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Little Girl Gives Savings to Grunt Style for Hurricane Relief

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September 25, 2017
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If you’ve paid attention to the world lately, you’ve seen bad news featuring war, hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases and all manner of catastrophe both natural and man-made. Yet, in the heart of a precious six-year-old pageant winner from Ohio shines a beacon of light. Ianna Gallo wrote a simple handwritten letter to our pals at Grunt Style after hearing about their work in Texas after Hurricane Harvey and we had to share it. Ianna could have written to any company providing relief and help to hurricane victims, but she chose Grunt Style after watching the news. Surely, Grunt Style’s target audience isn’t six year old girls, but there’s a very special link with between the spirit of a selfless child and her simple wish to help others and the grown men that subscribe to the Grunt Style way of life. Their collective selfless devotion to helping others and ensuring others’ safety before their own clearly connected the pageant winner and the apparel giant. We hope as you read this letter you are as inspired as we are by the pure heart of a child whose only wish is to use her position responsibly and give back to others. For this type of love, many of us risked our lives and limbs and it is heartwarming to see the spirit of America is not entirely lost. Everyone here at American Grit thank you for your trust in Grunt Syle’s core values and dedication to duty Ianna. Furthermore, we all wish you the very best and sincerely desire to see you victorious in November.

grunt style

Here's Ianna's letter To Grunt Style:

Dear Grunt Style,My name is Ianna Gallo. I am 6 years old and the reigning National American Miss Ohio Princess. I will be competing [in] the national pageant this coming November. I watched your video with my daddy that you're giving shirts and hoodies to the affected areas of [the] hurricane. I would like to donate part of my sponsor money and the money in my piggy bank that is for college to help the victims. Please use it towards as many shirts as possible to help them. Thank you and God Bless your company.Sincerely, Ianna

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Grunt Style

Introducing Miss Ohio Princess Ianna Gallo! #queen #growingconfidence #nationalamericanmiss #nam —NationalAmericanMiss (@NtlAmericanMiss) July 8, 2017[/caption]

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