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Man Gets Stung by Cow Killer on Purpose

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September 22, 2016
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In case you were curious, there is an insect in America with an inch-long, barb-free stinger that will generate about 30 minutes of the worst kind of pain imaginable.Known as the Velvet Ant, these little buggers are actually wasps. While the males can fly, they have no stingers. It's the wingless females on the ground that are armed and dangerous. Their stings are known to be excruciatingly painful (though the venom itself is not particularly toxic). An old wives' tale says that the pain is enough to kill a cow, giving the Velvet Ant the "Cow Killer" reputation.Naturally, someone will always come around to test the pain levels of the sting, just to see if the insect can live up to its name. You know, for science. Coyote Peterson from the YouTube Channel Brave Wilderness is that guy. Watching his reaction as he waits to be stung is probably the worst and most fascinating thing we've seen.And apparently, he's not done yet. Next on his list is the Tarantula Hawk, another member of the wasp family with a sting that ranks among the most painful in the world. Good luck with that, man. We'll just watch from here.



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